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Blue Crescent Moon Earrings

Blue Crescent Moon Earrings


Introducing our latest addition to our jewellery collection, the stunning 'Blue Crescent Moon' earrings. These curated earrings feature a beautiful combination of Blue Queen Ann's Lace and plum blossom flowers, arranged in a crescent moon shape.

Crafted with 14k gold plated silver hooks, these earrings are the perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. The intricate details of the blooms are masterfully arranged and crafted to ensure that each piece is unique.

The Blue Crescent Moon is ideal for those who appreciate fine jewellery that features natural elements. The flowers used in this piece were carefully selected for their striking hues and unique textures.

Our 'Blue Crescent Moon' earrings make for an excellent gift choice or as an addition to your own personal collection. These spectacularly crafted pieces offer both style and versatility; they're perfect for both formal events or as everyday wear.

In summary, these Blue Queen Ann’s Lace and plum blossom flower crescent moon shaped earrings with silver 14k gold plated hooks offer elegance fused with natural beauty in one stunning package – perfect for anyone wanting a standout piece that catches the eye!

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